About Us

“In the opinion of this meeting it is absolutely necessary that a strong Conservative Association should be formed…”

These, the opening words of the resolution that lead to today’s association, were put to a packed meeting of local Conservative supporters on May 3rd 1885.  Since then, except for the recent period under Dr Vincent Cable, Twickenham has returned a Conservative MP in all but 3 years (1906-1909).  This is truly a Conservative seat which the Liberals / Social Democrats / Liberal Democrats can only occasionally win and which no other party has ever taken.
The Conservative Party was founded in 1834 out of the old Tory Party, which itself had been founded in 1678, and even today it is still often colloquially referred to as the Tory Party, with its members, the Conservatives, also being referred to as Tories.  Conservative governments were in power for two thirds of the 20th century, led by such notable leaders as Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.  Now, in the 21st century, Conservatives are once again in power; nationally under Theresa May, and locally under Lord True.
The Twickenham Conservative Association (TCA) was originally based at 1, Arragon Road (opposite the Council offices at York House), moved to Churchill House at 2, Stanley Road in 1981 and more recently at its offices at 90 York Road, Teddington, TW11 8SN.  The Association owns all its property outright and rents any that is surplus to its needs as local housing or commercial office space.

TCA is a modern forward-looking association of like-minded people from all walks of life; rich, poor, young or old.  We are people like you with a common belief that Conservatives are the right people to run our Country.  As well as the political work carried out by the association there are many and varied social functions organised both on a constituency basis and more locally.  These functions will be advertised on the events page and everyone is welcome to attend.

The ruling body of the association is the Executive Council but its foundation is its membership. Members are typically organized into branches which consist of one or more wards.  Social and fund raising events, literature preparation, canvassing (knocking on doors) and neighbourhood campaigning is generally organised at branch level.  Two members from each ward are selected by the other branch members to represent them on the Executive Council.

Other Executive Council members include the Association President, a representative of the Leader of the Conservative Councillors (a.k.a. The Leader of the Council), a representative of the Conservative Area Management Executive and the Association Officers.  This latter group manage and coordinate the Association on a daily basis and chair Executive Council meetings.

TCA is a political association.  Members are given the opportunity to select Conservative Party candidates for both local and national government.  They can also vote in Party Leadership contests.  Most significantly they can influence Conservative Party policy through the TCA branch of the Conservative Policy Forum (TCPF).   

There is much to tell and we hope the site will give you a flavour of the work done by the members of the Twickenham Conservative Association.