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How to re-write history LIb Dem style

Ready for a history lesson? A re-written history lesson?  You know, just claim that you were responsible for the good bits and any failure was somebody else's fault.

Below is yesterday's tweet from G. Roberts, Council leader, re Hampton High...

111 Diversions

Statement by Councillor Geoffrey Samuel re Bus route 111 diversions

Face Masks for Charity

With the announcement that it will soon be compulsory to use a face mask in shops it is timely that one of our long standing supporters has produced a range of masks with all funds going to charity.

Features include:


Sadiq Khan’s plan to cut £110 million from the police budget is the equivalent of sacking 1,692 police – which would mean fewer officers on the streets of Twickenham, Hampton and Whitton.

This comes despite recent serious incidents in the Twickenham Green and Hampton areas.

Lockdown is lifting - shop local!

Now lockdown is lifting, it’s time to get out there and shop local!

Nicholas Rogers

Conservative London Assembly candidate for Richmond, Kingston & Hounslow

Council not listening say Twickenham Residents

Latest survey shows Twickenham Residents are less likely to agree that the Council takes account of their views when making decisions - in the first borough-wide survey since the Lib Dems took over administration of the council.

Libs Refuse to Provide Temporary Toilets & Hand Washing

With temperatures set to soar this week enticing even more people to visit Twickenham & Richmond it is disappointing that the LibDem Council has obstinately refused to provide temporary toilet and hand washing facilities.   Instead they say they will only enforce anti social behaviour and pen