Council not listening say Twickenham Residents

Latest survey shows Twickenham Residents are less likely to agree that the Council takes account of their views when making decisions - in the first borough-wide survey since the Lib Dems took over administration of the council.

This week’s Finance, Policy and Resources Committee discussed the results of the 2019 Residents Survey. Whilst 95% of residents are satisfied with the local area as a place to live, there has been a significant drop (by 10 percentage points) of those who agree the Council takes account of residents' views when making decisions. The percentage of residents satisfied with the way Richmond Council runs things and the percentage who agree the council provides value for money have also both fallen since the Lib Dem administration took over the council.

The latest survey also shows that the number of residents who believe they can work with the Council to make improvements in the local area has fallen by 8 percentage points.

Said Hampton North Councillor Geoffrey Samuel: “The Council lost for ever the trust of local people when it “consulted” over 20mph – and then ignored the result.  Local people are angry that the Council rides roughshod over them.  My postbag has more complaints about the Council than I have ever received”.

Cllr Aphra Brandreth, Conservative spokesperson for Finance on Richmond Council, said "We're lucky to live in a wonderful area but I'm concerned that since the Lib Dem administration took over, fewer residents believe they can work with the council to make improvements and fewer residents agree the Council takes account of residents' views. We've seen examples recently where the Lib Dems have disregarded the results of resident consultations and it seems that too often the Lib Dems just don't want to listen to the views of residents."