How to re-write history LIb Dem style

Ready for a history lesson? A re-written history lesson?  You know, just claim that you were responsible for the good bits and any failure was somebody else's fault.

Below is yesterday's tweet from G. Roberts, Council leader, re Hampton High...


... and here is the view of Geoffrey Samuel, Hampton North Councillor, who watched the fall and rise of what is now Hampton High


I am delighted that Hampton High is doing so well.   It has recovered splendidly from the appalling mismanagement imposed upon it by a former LibDem Council.  They handed over the school to a Swedish Company that practiced an extreme approach to education which required millions of pounds of building expenditure, relied on computers rather than teachers and down-graded class teaching.  We ran a strong campaign against this disgraceful  decision.  It was a betrayal of thousands of young people. And that was the mess that we inherited.  Inevitably the ‘experiment’ failed – and so did the Swedish company.  We revived the school with a Multi-Academy Trust led by Waldegrave School – the most successful school in the Borough.  We had to spend millions to undo the damage.  And it has thrived ! 

What was the real Libdem view?  Former MP Vincent Cable went on record in January 2018 saying “it was an experiment that failed to meet the needs of pupils”.  Should you “experiment” with children’s lives ?  And local Libdems ?  Did they send their children to the School when it was Swedish-managed? The guilty men and women who brought in Kunsskapskolan are not fit to run our schools nor to re-write history.