Libs Refuse to Provide Temporary Toilets & Hand Washing

With temperatures set to soar this week enticing even more people to visit Twickenham & Richmond it is disappointing that the LibDem Council has obstinately refused to provide temporary toilet and hand washing facilities.   Instead they say they will only enforce anti social behaviour and penalties for public urination, which of course should be happening anyway under the Anti-Social Behaviour Public Space Protection Order.  Yet again the Lib are doing nothing to help residents, instead of providing facilities for those who need access to toilets, the Council Leader thinks it's fine to trivialise the problem by "liking " Twitter jokes about peeing in doorways.

The majority of people who come to shop and enjoy the green areas and riversides of Twickenham and Richmond do not behave irresponsibly, but with hospitality venues all closed they have nowhere to go to the toilet or wash their hands.  There are no community toilet facilities around Richmond Green, Twickenham Green or along the riverside hotspots. This means anyone needing regular access to toilets, which can be a particular issue for some individuals including pregnant women, and those with some health issues, are effectively excluded from coming to enjoy Richmond & Twickenham because they can't be sure when they will need to use a toilet.  

Cllr Pamela Fleming said "I have been battling with the Council on this because the lack of toilet provision is discriminatory.  The Lib council said it was too expensive so I got a quote last week for the 2.5 weeks until pubs and cafes open.  It would cost just under £5,000 for 15 portaloos with hand sanitiser and an attendant on Fridays , Saturdays and Sundays.  A small price to pay to offer proper hygiene facilities and ensure people who need a toilet feel comfortable coming to our borough"