Poor planning for Townmead reopening

UPDATE: 22/06/2020 : Site workers have advised that you should expect a 45 minute wait, at times rising to 1-2 hours. The council has taken to live tweeting the wait times.

More inconvenience for residents

Congratulations to the Lib Dem administration for creating an unbelievable man-made queue of cars along the north bound stretch of Mortlake Road, Kew, last Tuesday morning.  Why?  our long-suffering residents were trying to dispose of their garden and DIY refuse at the Townmead recycling site having held onto it since mid-March. 

At 10.00am on a Saturday or Sunday one might be excused for having to queue for maybe 30 minutes to enter the site.  But this was at 7.50am BEFORE the site actually opened at 8.00am! And for how long did drivers have to sit it out in their vehicles? At the point at which our correspondent drove up to this roadblock, stupefied users were faced with a sign pointing out an APPROXIMATE ONE HOUR WAIT!! 

So our ‘green-exalting’ Lib Dem councillors have not only stopped residents’ garden waste collections - unlike Kingston and Wandsworth Councils – they forced us to be the last of the three adjacent Councils to even open up their recycling sites.  And during this period of early daylight and long evenings they can’t even open up the site with extended hours, say, 7.00am to 8.00pm?

This administration is showing its true colours - it has no more thought for the plight of its residents on the issue of recycling than it does for consultation on speed restrictions and CPZs, excessive council tax increases or together with impending road closures and restrictions that will place even further pressure on those travelling by car. 

This of course has been compounded by the restarted green recycling team not collecting from residents’ homes on the correct day or even within the two day grace period they give themselves.  Claiming on the council website that “most residents have experienced a good service since the pandemic began” doesn’t wash with households who have been on the receiving end of the LibDem’s new contractor.