What do parents in Richmond & Twickenham really want from the re-opening of our schools?

Your Twickenham Conservative team together with our colleagues in Richmond would like your opinion on school reopening to ensure your views are taken into account. 

We spoke to Councillor Geoffrey Samuel for his views; "We are only just beginning to realise the extent of the damage done to our children by so many months missing school. Schools in the Borough have varying experiences of the partial reopening – with attendances as low as 40% in some cases. The situation is made worse by those who proclaim that school is not safe. Three times at PMQs Keir Starmer was asked by Boris to proclaim that school is “safe”. Three times he refused. For Labour it is more important to act at the unions’ behest than support our children. So we say “School is Safe”. Kate [family members of school age] and I [former Headmaster] say loud and clear: School is Safe. And we shall urge the Council to use all means at its disposal to spread the message – School is Safe."

Councillor Paul Hodgins said:  "The Government, Council, and our local schools have started to bring certain years back to school. This is very welcome. We recognise that every school is different in its layout, and there remain many challenges and concerns given the ongoing existence of Covid-19 and the resulting social distancing requirements. Yet, we also recognise the detriment to children caused by this terrible pandemic in missing out both on educational time at school and social interaction. These are not easy challenges, but we think that parents' views need to be understood and known. So we have devised a short survey to get parents' views which we can anonymously share with Richmond Council and our local schools, to help inform the service offered over the coming weeks."

Now we want your opinion. Your voice in this debate is valuable and will inform how our council team approach discussions on your behalf.

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