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For any enquiries regarding your local Conservatives, please contact chair@twickenhamconservatives.com or use the form on this website (they go to the same place). The office is closed at the moment due to the Covid restrictions. We will be open again as soon as possible. In the meantime the team is still working to support residents. We would like to hear from anyone who has an issue they would like to raise or is facing struggles as a result of council policy. We can and do get things changed. Contact us and we will do all we can to help.

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Twickenham Conservatives support business. We appreciate the past few months…

Latest survey shows Twickenham Residents are less likely to agree that the Council takes account of their views when making decisions - in the first borough-wide survey since the Lib Dems took over administration of the council.

With temperatures set to soar this week enticing even more people to visit Twickenham & Richmond it is disappointing that the LibDem Council has obstinately refused to provide temporary toilet and hand washing facilities.   Instead they say they will only enforce anti social behaviour and penalties for public urination, which of course should be happening anyway under the Anti-Social Behaviour Public Space Protection Order.  Yet again the Lib are doing nothing to help residents, instead of providing facilities for those who need access to toilets, the Council Leader thinks it's fine to

The Conservative Councillor Group on Richmond Council have been asking parents what their views and concerns are as schools begin to re-open following the Coronavirus pandemic lock down. A small initial survey of parents shows that 90% of parents wanted their child to return to school as soon as possible. Just over half of parents who responded stated that they wanted an increased effort from the Council to find additional space to be used as classrooms, to enable more children to return to education.