South & West Twickenham

David Marlow, Chairman of the Twickenham branch said " Our two wards work closely upholding Conservative values ensuring that our area continues to be a good place to live and work. We work to reestablish Conservative representation on the local Council, GLA and Parliament. This means our constant involvement in our local communities ensuring that local services are maintained and, where possible, improved in a cost effective way. We welcome new members and helpers and their participation in discussion groups, social events, campaigning, helping with canvassing and leaflet delivery."


Paul Nacmanson

Data Protection Officer

Paul manages GDPR compliance and heads the associations property committee. A long time resident of Twickenham he works for the NHS in West London.

John Davey

Strategy Officer

A resident of Twickenham since 1984 and with a background in learning and development consultancy, John supports the team on business and strategy planning.

Paul Frieze


Paul is treasurer and helps to organise deliveries in the South Twickenham ward.  He runs a small structural engineering consultancy from home having semi-retired several years ago.

David Marlow

Chair of the Twickenham Branch

As a Borough Councillor for twenty eight years he has held most senior posts on the Council including Lead Member for education, environment and social services. David was also Mayor in 2010/11.